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In this process of engaging in the battle to combat the lies that we face and healing from the memories that distort the reality in which we view the world (and God), we must be honest. Sometimes this looks like being honest with ourselves and confronting the feelings that we are feeling. Other times its being honest with God and trusting Him with the dark parts of our heart that we are trying to hide. It can also look like being honest with a loved one and telling them where you really are and how you really feel. Without the truth, we remain in darkness and we remain stuck in our wounds, trauma, addictions, and relationships.

When we are hiding from the truth, we are hiding from Jesus, who is the truth. Jesus tells us this himself in the book of John, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (14:6). In the same way that Jesus is peace, and hope, he is also truth. When we aren’t being truthful, we separate ourselves from the source of life itself and we deny ourselves the freedom that he died on the cross for. For it is the truth that sets us free (John 8:32) and apart from Him we will find nothing but chains.

Honesty, however, changes everything. It turns the light on in our lives. “But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light”. (John 3:21) Ephesians 5:8-9 tells us that those that come come out of darkness and become light in the Lord should have the fruit of light in our lives and which includes truth (along with goodness and righteousness). When we stuff our feelings, it extinguishes this light. When we tell God what we think he wants to hear (You are so good God!) instead of being honest with him (I’m really angry, scared, and am doubting you) , it erects a wall between us that keeps us from his presence. When we lie to our spouse to avoid conflict and “keep the peace” we cast a shadow on the beauty that could be in our marriage and create a wedge that drives us away from one another.

In the Book of Mark, there was a lady that had to be honest with Jesus. He was going through a crowd when someone touched his cloak and he felt power leaving him. He asked everyone directly, “Who touched me?” All sorts of people were touching him in the midst of the crowd. But there was one person that knew the honest truth of the power that she had just encountered and she knew that she must confess it. It wasn’t easy for her. She trembled with fear as she spoke the words. She fell at His feet and couldn’t even look up at him as she got her truth out. It was very scary for her. However, the Bible says that she told Jesus the whole truth (5:33). She didn’t leave out little details to make herself look better. She didn’t hide behind her fear and run the other way. She didn’t keep walking and ignore the question. The response from Jesus, who already knew the truth without ever having to ask her a question, was that he set her free from suffering and gave her peace.

Jesus wants to do this for all of us. He wants to bring us into the light through truth. He wants to bring us peace and set us free. However, we are the ones that keep us stuck. He doesn’t want us there. He wants us whole and walking in full healing that he came to earth, was born, and suffered for. While it might be terrifying for us to see the weak parts of ourselves that are needy, know on the other side of fear we find His strength when we are honest with ourselves. While we might tremble at the thought of being honest with God that we are doubting His love and faithfulness, know that on the other side you find His presence and embrace. In those moments when your pride and ego get in the way of being truthful with your spouse, friend or loved one, know that the healing of your relationship awaits you. Honesty changes everything and turns the light on again when you are stuck.

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