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We wanted to compile an initial list of books that are currently on our night stand and that we have found helpful on our journey. If you have any that you want to add- please send them our way!

Our favorite devotional: This devotional will keep pointing you back to the foundation that we all have in the gospel and that is- hope in Jesus. While not addiction centered, these truths will continue to challenge, transform and renew your mind on a daily basis.

This gem is our favorite one if you need some tools for the tool chest. We will be using this together as a group during our second semester. A lot of the foundational knowledge that this book stems from is found in the following book by Dawna De Silva:

Another great book for tools, this one isn't necessarily Bible focused but the principals are incredibly helpful and another good starting point if you are wanting to address the emotions, thoughts and behaviors behind addiction in a healthy way.

We love boundaries! For those struggling with addiction or love someone that is, boundaries are a huge point of focus in the healing process and can many times be blurred in relationships. Both Cunnington and Danny Silk come from Biblical perspectives that offer hope, insight and essential keeps to healthy relationships.

Welch provides excellent foundational knowledge and will be the point of focus for our first semester. Many books and programs on addiction don't always come from a Biblical perspective so to find one rooted in the Gospel will be helpful to see things through the lens of scripture.

Melody Beattie has a host of books on Codependency and I could easily put a list of her work on this page. She has struggled with both addiction and codependency and has a unique perspective that is relatable and helpful when overcoming the challenges that many face on the journey. The Language of Letting Go is set up as a daily devotional (meditations?) while Codependent No More is the companion book that reviews some of the topics behind codependency that are helpful to understand.

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